AIRSHIP - Future aircraft could use power from regenerative braking for taxiing

BYKES - Regatta Quad S: An electric four wheeler that can be transformed into a bike

BYKES - Award winning MonoTracer MTE-150 enters production

BYKES - Even in the 1940s, If A Cyclist Got Killed They Blamed the Victim

CARS - How Facebook Friended Ford To Make A 'Social' Car

CARS - Ten Great Cars You've Probably Overlooked

CARS - New F12berlinetta Will Be Fastest Ferrari Ever

Cars - Bright Automotive goes dark citing onerous Dept of Energy loan terms

CARS - Connected cars to untangle snarled traffic

Ford Motor Co. s chief believes connected autos will pave the road to the future.Auto numbers are rising, expected to go from one billion today to four billion by 2050'.If we do nothing, we face the prospect of 'global gridlock', a never-ending traffic jam that wastes time, energy and resources and even compromises the flow of commerce and healthcare."In the event of an accident, that feature will actually place an automated call to the emergency services, but it will do it in the local language," for example if you're a French driver, you're driving in Spain and you unfortunately get in an accident, the system will place a call to the emergency services in the Spanish language and give the location of the vehicle and call help for you.""Now is the time for us all to be looking at vehicles on the road the same way we look at smartphones, laptops and tablets; as pieces of a much bigger, richer network," 90 percent of new cars would be connected by 2020, creating a 600-billion-dollar (446 million euros) market.The design of a car takes years, while in the mobile world it changes every day,So what we get in the car when it's launched is already obsolete.If car manufacturers want to keep up with technology,they'll have to continue to move faster.

EVs - By Bringing In LaSorda, Is Fisker Prepping For Deal?

EVs - 2012 Plug-in Prius Eligible for $4,000 of Incentives in California

TRUCKS -Custom automakers make BBQ out of '78 GMC Pickup truck

TRANSPORT - BAE, Northrop reveal renderings of a hybrid army tank

BYKES - Willow: A three wheeled electric runabout for congested city streets

BYKES - TODO: An urban based electric bike that can be folded.

CARS - Nascar Gets Back On Track

EVs - Time To Buy A Chevy Volt

EVs - Toyota Prius vs Ford Fiesta: which one for MPG

EVs - Audi announces A3 e-tron electric car pilot program at TED conference

TRAINS - Magellan C2: Concept of high speed and energy efficient maglev train

TRANSPORT - Glide along any place with the 'Board of Imagination'

The headset is worn for tracking the brainwaves, which are then transmitted to a Windows 8 tablet on the top. The headset is synchronized with the board, and all the wearer is required to do is think about where he wants to go, and the board will attune itself with the thoughts and glide along. The speed and the breaking will be controlled by telekinesis, which means that your body will move solely through thoughts and by the application of a physical force.

TRANSPORT - ARAM: A low emission vehicular contraption for sustainable form of agriculture

TRANSPORT - Zero Electric Vehicle Service: The future of public transport.

AIRSHIP - Aircraft of the Future Could Capture and Re-Use Some of Their Own Power

AIRSHIP - CU team's efficient unmanned aircraft jetting toward commercialization

BYKES - Cebit 2012: The wireless bicycle brake, a prototype on an exciting mission

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BYKES - Two Percent of US Road Deaths are Cyclists

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CARS -Beijing tightens vehicle emission rule

CARS - Judge Rejects Tesla's Top Gear Lawsuit

Tesla Motors has been suing the BBC over a review they said was deceptive. The judge disagrees.

CARS -Volkswagen to Sell Turbocharged Plug-In Hybrid Golf in 2015

CARS - Ecuador Court Rejects Chevron Arbitration Ruling, Reopening $18 Billion Fine For Amazon Pollution

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EVs - More Powerful Electric Cars?

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EVs - Tesla Motors says you cannot brick a Model S

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CARS - Cars free zones: A new paradigm in healthy and sustainable living

CARS - Stack futuristic car seeks to deal with space problems

CARS - Gingrich is wrong on both gun racks in Chevy Volts and US energy policy

During a campaign sweep through Georgia last weekend, Newt Gingrich had some crazy things to say about the ability of a Chevy Volt to carry a gun rack, and his fantasy of returning to $2.50 a gallon gasoline.

CARS - EcoSpeed App Directs Your Driving, Cuts Fuel Use by 30%

EVs - RoboCar's could save our cities, according to Brad Templeton

EVs - Ford's open source OpenXC platform as gateway to future high tech car gizmos

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PUBLIC -Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020

TRANSPORT - Sustainable transportation beyond electric vehicles

BYKES - A New Four-Lane Superhighway To Be Built Only For Bikes

The south of Sweden

BYKES - Montreal Man Seen Living on Bicycle -- For 382 Days

BYKES - HPV_2F: An innovative recumbent tricycle design

BYKES - Hilly San Francisco to Get Shared Electric-Bikes

BYKES - Hilly San Francisco to Get Shared Electric-Bikes

CARS -The Cheapest 2012 Cars To Own

CARS - Tesla says reservations of Model X have hit $40M worth of cars

CARS -Nevada approves regulations for self-driving cars

EVs - PolyPlus named Edison Awards finalist on lithium batteries for 500+ mile electric cars

EVs - GM's fact-telling and image rehabilitation in latest Chevy Volt ad

EVs - Tesla unveils all-electric falcon wing Model X SUV

EVs - Google and Stanford University are Testing the 2013 Honda Fit EV

PUBLIC - RE-THINK: A modular electric bus concept for European cities

PUBLIC - Scotland Yard Recruits Ampera PHEV for Police Work

TRANSPORT - Hiroyuki concept: A green aerodynamic rescue vehicle

TRANSPORT - Conceptual transport system gives face lift to magnetic levitation


The Making of a Rhoades Car

Rhoades Cars Movie

BYKES - Concept recumbent bicycle stores energy efficiency in a flywheel

CARS - New Cars Have 14% Better Fuel Economy

CARS - How to Start Your Own Hybrid Car Rental Company

CARS - China's pollution related to E-cars may be more harmful than gasoline cars, researchers find

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EVs - Toyota Prius Plug-in versus the Chevy Volt, which wins?

EVs - Will electric cars of the future ditch batteries for ultracapacitors?

EVs - Toyota Prius Plug-in versus the Chevy Volt, which wins?

EVs - Futuristic highways could recharge EVs on the move

Wirelessly Charging Electrical Vehicles

EVs - Tesla Unveils Model X Electric Crossover

EVs - National Grid planning 30 more places to plug in electric cars, including Chili’s restaurants

EVs - After Model X, Tesla To Sell Cheaper Electric; 2015 Roadster To Follow

PUBLIC - Arizona legislature looking to tax electric cars to help pay for highways

TRAINS - Magnetic levitation growing into the next big thing in green transport

BYKES - Bike-Share Coming to SF and Silicon Valley This July

San Francisco and four cities in Silicon Valley will launch the region’s first bike-share system this July, implementing a new transportation option

CARS -Survival Secrets Of Detroit's Far-Flung, Aging Auto Plants

CARS - Average Cost of New Car Rises to over $28K, Report Finds

CARS - Ford Threatens Legal Action Over Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad

EVs -Fox News' faux controversy over the Chevy Volt superbowl ad

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EVs -Phase One of UK's Nationwide Electric Car Charging Network Complete

TRANSPORT GREEN - Solar Powered Vehicle for a green ride in deserts

BYKES - Hecta: A 'green' user friendly vehicle that fuses bicycle with an electric mechanism

BYKES - Injured Journalist Inspires London's The Times Newspaper to Launch a Safe Cycling Campaign

BYKES - Non-stop relaxed cycling, Utrecht Netherlands

BYKES - Bicycling in the Netherlands

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TRANSPORT GREEN - Vornicu's Morphex is an Arctic beast to contend with

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AIRSHIPS - The Boneyard Project: Art planes in rapturous colours

AIRSHIPS - German engineers mimic humpback whale to increase helicopter stability

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BYKES - Urban women can go green with Velo Chic compact bike

BYKES - Even Lebron James Bikes to Work!

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TRUCKS - Driving the green: New study suggests that electric-powered trucks will save money for businesses