TRANS PORTATION curated News August 30th

BATTERIES - Battery Backup Has An Incentive In California 
Most early adopters of solar PV systems originally had the hopes of having power even if the grid went down with a power outage, only to find out that was not how things worked with grid-tied solar PV systems — if the grid went down, electricity from their PV system was also unavailable. But now that original dream can become a reality
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BYKES - Girl “Steals” Her Bike Back From Thief Thanks To Craigslist… And Something Else
A Canadian girl’s bicycle was recently stolen from her, so she contacted the police. She then saw it for sale on Craigslist and contacted them again, but was concerned that they wouldn’t get back to her fast enough since they said they might not be able to get back to her that day. So, she took matters into her own hands and decided to arrange a meeting with the seller to see the bike ...
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BYKES - Noomad Converts ANY Bike Into A Leaning Cargo Trike 
It’s called a Noomad, and it addresses exactly the kind of bicycle commuting issues that have been keeping you from joining the record numbers of commuters switching from 4 wheels to 2. What’s keeping you from the 2-wheeled switch? I get it. You want to bike to work, but there are too many crazies cutting in front of bicyclists and you’re not sure about really grabbing that front brake without going end-over-end ...
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CARS - Cadillac Elmiraj Concept slinks in Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage has moved to Pebble Beach for the week. This time around, the affable comedian is taking a look at the Cadillac Elmiraj Concept that debuted during the Monterey car week, and is talking to General Motors vice president of global design, Ed Welburn ...
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CARS - Driver becomes 'co-pilot' in the self-drive car
Today’s new cars are routinely loaded with an array of advanced technologies, so it wasn’t a complete surprise to see the small ports cut into the front fenders and rear door panels of the little Nissan Leaf, nor the camera mounted behind the rear-view mirror. But there was no way to completely prepare for what happened as the vehicle was shifted from conventional to autonomous mode ...

CARS - GM says almost-driverless cars coming by 2020

CARS - Mazda's Hofu plant builds its ten-millionth car
Ten million is a lot no matter which way you cut it, and no matter what you're talking about: Ten million dollars, ten million miles, ten million people... certainly ten million cars. And that's the milestone that Mazda's Hofu plant in Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan has just achieved ...
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CARS - Nissan's Robot Cars: An Early Peek
Carlos Ghosn is easily one of the most entertaining car executives in the world. Reporter Rich DeMuro in Nissan's robotic parking car Back in 2007, Nissan was perceived as a laggard to Honda and Toyota in the Japanese car industry when he announced that Nissan would largely skip biofuels or hybrids and jump straight to electric vehicles ....
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CARS - Toyota RAV4 EV lease gets cut in half to $299/month
If you're in the market for a new electric vehicle, now is definitely the time to buy or lease. Following price drops on just about every other EV on the market, Toyota is looking to push a few more all-electric RAV4 crossovers out the door over the Labor Day weekend. The Detroit News is reporting that, through September 3, anyone looking to get into a RAV4 EV in Los Angeles or San Francisco, can get a deal: a $299 a month lease (no word on down ...
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CARS - Volvo Concept Coupe is brand's 'next-generation P1800' [w/video]
The teasing can now officially come to an end – Volvo has released all the images, videos and details on its new Concept Coupe, and we're intrigued. The Swedish automaker is calling the concept its "next-generation P1800," and those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Fortunately, it's not all talk; there are clear links to Volvo's much-loved coupe in the concept's shape, though we certainly wouldn't call it 'retro. ...

EVs Tesla talking with Samsung to supply battery cells
Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) could diversify its supply chain by signing up a new battery cell maker. .. ...
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EVs - Americans Won’t Buy EVs Until They Are A Lot Cheaper
Are we as Americans so addicted to our gas guzzling vehicles that we are unwilling to consider the benefits of more environmentally friendly forms of transportation, such as electric cars, unless it can be proven to us in a dollars and sense kind of way? That’s one take away to be considered from a recent global survey of electric vehicle opinions by research firm GfK ...
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EVs - Nissan's sale of ZEV credits may affect Tesla's bottom line
Nissan is earning enough zero emission vehicle sales credits to have excess credits to sell, potentially affecting the revenue Tesla Motors earns from their ZEV credit sales.

EVs - Tesla covers 90% of Norweigians with Supercharger availability
Norway is the first European country to get Supercharger installations, as Tesla begins sales of the
Model S in Europe.                                       

EVs - Tesla's rising stock price either hype or predicts car industry disruption
Tesla Motors' (TSLA) ever-increasing stock price is either a hype bubble or a serious prediction by the stock market of Tesla's future as a major car maker ranking with the likes of Daimler or BMW. .. ...
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EVs - Bluebird Electric Supercar Coming Next Month
The speed-record kings at Bluebird have been busy lately, gunning (as always) for more speed records, the company recently announced that it would venture into motorsports with a Formula E racer and a racing-inspired, road-going electric supercar, which Gas 2?s Chris Demorro previewed a few months ago. That car, expected to be called “the Bluebird DC50? will be unveiled at a special public event next month to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D ...
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EVs - EV Charging Gets Another Solar Powered Solution
It seems like almost every day now we are seeing more and more news on electric vehicle chargers and related installations, which is all and good except for the fact many Americans still aren’t sold on the notion of owning such cars. Perhaps having the infrastructure already in place first will convince more to get on board? If such is the case, one innovative system that’s clean energy autonomous because of included energy storage might be a sol ...
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EVs - Nissan LEAF sales are up 335% year-over-year in US, here are the top 15 cities for sales
Nissan has sold 11,703 electric LEAFs in the United States during the first 7 months of 2013, representing an increase of 230% over the 3,543 units for the same period during the previous year. If you look only at sale since March 2013, when the updated LEAF 2.0 became available for sale, that year-on-year increase in sales is of an impressive 335% ...

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EVs - Nissan promising autonomous car production by 2020
Nissan will bring the autonomous car to consumers by the end of this decade. The announcement was made by CEO Carlos Ghosn at the company's US headquarters in Irvine, CA. Nissan has already begun construction of a dedicated proving ground for the self-driving cars in Japan, with completion targeted for the end of 2014 ....
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EVs - Nissan recruits Stormtroopers to promote Juke in Japan
The Juke is a matter of individual taste, to be sure, but Nissan is keen on making each one even more individual with the launch of the 15RX Personalized Package. Nissan is promoting the customization available on the Juke in the Japanese Domestic Market with a dedicated website, complete with a rather slick online configurator. And to make the process that much more engaging, it's included a Stormtrooper that changes in appearance along with the ...
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EVs - Strategic Vision: Tesla owners show differences from rest of EV buyers
Strategic Vision’s New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES), using a rapidly growing sample of Tesla buyers, finds what it calls “significant” differences between Tesla owners and the rest of the electric vehicle market ...

EVs - Tesla Motors Changes Name To “Tuosule” In China
Some people will do anything to make a buck, and trademark squatting is one way to make fast and easy money. Zhan Baosheng thought he could fleece Tesla Motors for $32 million by trademarking the “Tesla” name, so rather than pay up, Tesla will simply go by another name in China; “Tuosule,” the transliteration of the Tesla name in a dialect native to Hong Kong ...
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EVs - The One Thing Behind Tesla's Success
All hail the Model S. Elon the First The all-electric sedan from Tesla Motors TSLA -0.33% is a winner. The Model S outsold Porsche, Fiat, Buick, Jaguar, Land Rover and five other companies in California, according to a report in QZ. It also outscored every other car in tests conducted by Consumer Reports ...

EVs - World's 39 Largest Electric Power Plants
In 2011, the world consumed about 4 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. The vast majority of those electrons were produced at large electric power plants located in remote locales. Sandwiched between two steep cliffs on the Yangtze River in central China, the Three Gorges Dam is hands down the largest of the world’s large electric power generating facilities ...
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FUELS - Cool Planet successfuly completes road test of cellulosic bio-gasoline blend
Cool Planet Energy Systems, a developer of small-scale biorefineries which convert non-food biomass into gasoline, jet fuel, and soil-enhancing biochar, has completed a joint vehicle road test with Ventura County, CA. Officials there ran a 5% blend of Cool Planet’s renewable, low-carbon gasoline for six weeks during their normal operations. The demonstration received special approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) ...

FUELS - World's 39 Largest Electric Power Plants
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TRANSPORT - DOE and New Jersey Developing First US Transit System Microgrid
Microgrids are being deployed across America’s military bases to make them more resilient and secure, so why shouldn’t the same approach be taken when rebuilding civilian infrastructure destroyed by severe weather ...
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BYKES - Electra Pedal-Assist Bicycle Offers Good Range

Electra Bicycles is one of the largest brands in leisure cycling. The company now offers among its models a new pedal-assist electric bike called Townie Go! that’s said to be very simple to operate and capable of helping you go good distances so you can better bridge the gap between where you get off of mass transit and your office a few miles away.

CARS - Is there anything cooler than a car with a giant propeller?

If so, we're not even sure we could handle it. Throughout the twentieth century, some of the finest automotive engineers have experimented with putting propellers on the front of cars, and the results look brilliant. Here's our gallery of the coolest propeller cars in history.

CARS - Nissan Robots Could Be Driving You Around By 2020

The world of the self driving car slowly continues to become a reality. We’ve seen signs of this development for some time, mostly through the use of sustainable mobility designs, ranging from GM’s EN-V to the well known Google self-driving Prius fleet. More recently this technology was also being evaluated in Singapore and Oxford. Now Nissan is tinkering with it as well, recently saying it believes its “Autonomous Drive” offering could be commercially-viable and available in multiple vehicles by the year 2020.