TRANS PORTATION curated News January 29th

AIRSHIPS - Live Near an Airline Hub? You Probably Pay More to Fly
Of the five airports with the highest average fares, three are United Airlines hubs and another is a Delta

BATTERIES - Engineer brings new twist to sodium-ion battery technology with discovery of flexible molybdenum disulfide electrodes
( —A Kansas State University engineer has made a breakthrough in rechargeable battery applications .. ...

Bykes - Bicycling is a form of preventative health care
Statistically riding your bike is a lot safer and better for your health than not riding it .. ...

Bykes - Electroforce Electric Motorcycle Debuts in Beijing
It’s called the Electroforce Motors Mu, and it’s meant to be a high-quality, high-performance alternative to the cars and buses that are currently pumping staggering amounts of pollution into the air above Beijing’s heavily congested city streets.The bike’s makers hope the Electroforce Mu’s slick (if not totally original) body work and build quality will help it succeed in Beijing, but there could be more obstacles to overcome before that

Bykes - Human-electric hybrid three-wheeler goes 100 MPH, has 75 mile range
Part bicycle and part electric three-wheeled motorcycle, the Human Electric Vehicle prototype demonstrates a different take on hybrid vehicles .. ...

Bykes - Pulling ad for showing cyclist without a helmet is daft
Labelling Cycling Scotland ad targeting motorists – not cyclists – 'socially irresponsible' normalises blaming cyclists for accidentsIt's enough to make you tear your hair out, which is made a lot easier if you're not wearing a cycle helmet. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned a Cycling Scotland advert for showing a woman cycling without a helmet, more than 0.5 metres away from a kerb.The TV ad, designed to encourage motorist to
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CARS - Ford Working to Make Fixing the 2015 F150 Easier, Less Expensive for Shops and Owners
As we discussed last week, the 2015 Ford F150 relies on a The 2015 Ford F150 XLT from the side A silver 2015 Ford F150 XLT from the rear A 2015 Ford F150 pushing a plow The 2015 Ford F150 race truck from the front .. ...

CARS - Honda releases 3D data of past concept models for use with 3D printers
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. released three-dimensional (3D) data for exterior designs of concept models Honda has introduced in the past. The data is offered based on version 4.0 of Creative Commons licenses. With the data downloaded from the website Honda 3D Design Archives, Honda's concept models can be replicated by a household 3D printer.The concepts, such as the 2013 NSX concept shown here, can be viewed in 3D or downloaded for printing.

CARS - Report: Honda is first Japanese carmaker to be a net-exporter from US
Filed under: Car Buying, Plants/Manufacturing, Acura, HondaOver the last decade or so, many foreign automakers have challenged the idea of what defines an "American car," but Honda took things a step further last year by exporting more cars out of the US than it imported in. Reuters is reporting that in 2013, a total of 108,705 Honda and Acura models were exported from the US with only 88,357 being shipped in. This gives Honda a net exporter stat ...

CARS - US Hybrid executes global fuel cell technology licensing agreement with United Technologies
US Hybrid Corporation, a global supplier of medium- and heavy-duty electric and hybrid powertrain power conversion components, executed a global licensing agreement with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to commercialize UTC’s proven Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technologies.US Hybrid has been a key supplier of “balance of plant” components such as cathode air blowers, DI pumps and power converters to UTC and other fuel cell

EVs - Chevy Spark EV Lifetime Cost vs Chevy Spark Gas Lifetime Cost (California & Oregon Scenarios)
Originally posted on EV Obsession.I was decided I would finally perform and write up a cost comparison of the Chevy Spark EV and the Chevy Spark gas drinker. Notably, reviewers such as those at Consumer Reports have concluded that the Chevy Spark EV is a nicer car overall. But let’s look at some lifetime cost comparisons to see how they compare financially.As always, the lifetime costs are based on numerous assumptions that will be either s .. ...

EVs - ClipperCreek announces plug-connected HCS-40P 30A 240V chaging station starting at $644
ClipperCreek announced the availability of its HCS-40P plug-connected 30 Amp, 240V charging station with factory installed NEMA 14-50P or 6-50P wall plugs. With standard 25 feet of charging cable, a 3-year warranty, and a 3-step installation process, the HCS can be installed anywhere there is a 240V wall plug. ClipperCreek introduced the hard-wired HCS-40 unit in December. Earlier post.Utilizing a plug-in residential charge station can

EVs - Electric Car Subsidies for Poor People Are a Thing in California
Hybrid and electric cars can make a huge difference in reducing local air quality, and can help their owners save money while staying more insulated against the volatility of fossil fuel prices. Unfortunately, most plug-in electric cars cost more than the used cars that lower income families and communities- the people who could most benefit from EVs, in other words- can typically afford. It doesn’t have to be that way, however
CARB electric car subsidies

EVs - Electric Vehicles Save You Even More Money In Cold Temperatures (Infographic)
You should know by now that electric vehicles can save you good money. It costs ~3 to 4 times less to drive an electric vehicle (EV) than to drive a gasmobile. So, even though EVs often cost a bit more up front, the lifetime cost of the vehicles is often considerably lower.But I’ll bet you didn’t know this: EVs save you even more money in cold temperatures. A recent analysis conducted by FleetCarma shows that EVs save you 12.4¢/mile at 73°F/ .. ...

EVs - Honda begins test-driving of MC-? micro-sized EV using renewable energy
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and its partners Miyakojima City and Toshiba Corporation have begun experimental test-driving of the MC-?, Honda’s micro-sized EV, using photovoltaic (PV) energy for recharging, as part of the Miyakojima City Small-sized Electromotive Mobility Project.PV charging station and MC-?. Click to enlarge.In November 2013, Honda began separate field tests jointly conducted with Kumamoto Prefecture, Saitama City and Miyakojima City

EVs - Norway's love affair with electric cars
Free parking, incentives and driving in bus lanes push Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf to top of best-seller listsNorway's traffic jams are becoming the cleanest and quietest in the world due to a flood of drivers buying electric cars which now power around the country's cities on hydro-electricity, competing for free charging points.For three months at the end of 2013, the luxury electric sports car the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf family
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EVs - Porsche's first car is 116 years old, and it's electric
Many think that Porsche EVs are relatively new creations, but it turns out that they're quite old -- 116 years old, to be exact. The automaker has recovered the P1, an electric car that Ferdinand Porsche built while working for a carriage maker in .. .. ...

EVs - Tesla Motor
Slideshow Image: Description: Electric Powe .. ...

EVs - Tesla could build a factory in China, a future "top market" for the electric car company
Tesla is looking over the horizon at future opportunities and ways to keep the market for electric cars growing fast, replacing gas-powered vehicles .. ...

EVs - Why a compressed natural gas plug-in electric hybrid makes sense
Practical electric vehicles affordable to families in the middle and lower income levels do not yet exist

FUELS - Using Bacteria To Harness The Energy Of Evaporating Water — New Method Of Electricity Generation Created
A new means of generating electricity, one that utilizes bacteria to harness the energy of evaporating water, has been created by researchers from the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.The completely new means of generating electricity could potentially be used to capture the energy released by ponds, harbors, and other bodies of water when the Sun warms them (causing evaporation), according to the re .. ...

PUBLIC - New study to investigate emissions from commercial buses in fleet operations
The Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company is working with Ricardo and test equipment specialist HORIBA on an advanced research project in the UK that aims to investigate the emissions of a range of buses operating in a modern commercial public transport fleet. Brighton & Hove operates a fleet of approximately 280 modern buses in and around the city of Brighton & Hove which, according to recent Department for Transport statistics, boas ...

TRAFFIC - How cars have squeezed pedestrians off the streets and made it almost impossible to walk
A before and after photo of Lexington Avenue tells the story .. ...

TRAFFIC - Should we blame the victim of head injuries if they are not wearing helmets for everything they do?
We have certainly covered "blame the victim" syndrome, but a case about to go to court puts a whole new angle on it. Could helmets be required even for car drivers .. ...

TRANSPORT - RYNO Electric Unicycle is a Different Kind of Commuter (VIDEO)
RYNO Motors is making big waves with its electric unicycle/personal transporter concept — from TV appearances to interviews and more than a million YouTube views. If you’re not familiar with the RYNO, know two things: 1st, it’s awesome. 2nd, it’s not a street-legal “motorcycle” in any sense of the word … but don’t let that stop you from wanting one!Get to know the new RYNO Motors unicycle thing in the quick, pre-order “teaser video” above, .. ...