AIRSHIPS - SOLAR IMPULSE World Alliance for Clean Technologies


"You might have been wondering: what’s next for Solar Impulse? Well less than four months after having completed the adventure of flying around the world with no fuel, we launched the World Alliance for Clean Technologies in Marrakech during COP22.
A freshly produced 90 minute French documentary called “Solar Impulse - L'impossible tour du monde” was premiered in Paris last Monday."
Return of the *Solarimpulse* to Switzerland (Part 1)

CARS -World's fastest electric car

The world's fastest electric car
It's called the NIO EP9, and it has a whopping 1,360 horsepower and 4,670 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, Uniti Sweden raised $1.3 million through crowdfunding to launch a tiny, high-tech electric car. And Motor Trendofficially named the Chevy Bolt the 2017 car of the year.

ENERGY -Electric Vehicles Tool for Grid Stability

How Electric Vehicles Are Becoming a Tool for Grid Stability

A recent set of reports look at how EVs affect the duck curve in California and Hawaii.

ENERGY - World Energy Outlook 2016: Wind and solar

World Energy Outlook 2016: Wind and solar will be the clear winners

“We see clear winners for the next 25 years – natural gas but especially wind and solar – replacing the champion of the previous 25 years"

BATTERIES - Batteries and Solar May Link

BATTERIES - Power Couple: Tie-Up Shows How Batteries and Solar May Link
"Mountain Ash Solar Farm is not running yet, but it offers a steel-and-glass example of what Elon Musk and his cousins, Lyndon and Peter Rive, founders of SolarCity, have in mind for their merger planned for this year."

EVs -IKEA to Install EV Chargers in Memphis, Tennessee

IKEA to Install EV Chargers at New Store in Memphis, Tennessee

AIRSHIPS -TerraSmart Launches Autonomous, High Precision Aerial Drone Site Mapping Service


TerraSmart recently introduced the latest in its expanding portfolio of autonomous, cloud-connected solar PV technology services.